Wednesday Practicum

Greenville Lindyhoppers is excited to introduce our newest offerings:
Practice Sessions!

This initiative started because our teachers simply don’t have enough time in a typical class setting to teach you all the fun stuff that most of you passionate Lindyhoppers want to learn! Furthermore, we want to provide an environment that brings together like minded individuals who are passionate and serious about improving their craft.

When: Every Other Wednesday, Starting October 3rd, 2018
Time: 7pm-9pm
Cost: Free
Place: Sears Shelter

The plans is to go through 1-2 topics per session. We will start with topics that our current instructors have been wanting to teach, but we welcome input. The goal is to have everyone contributing and help each other improve their dancing!

Practices sessions are open to all levels however, there will be certain sessions where we will ask that you know certain moves/techniques in order to participate.