Jumpin’ Jive

Welcome to Greenville’s series of one day intermediate/advanced level swing workshops! These will be semi-regular and rock your socks with swing dance knowledge! We want to bring the best quality of swing dance instruction to the Upstate, so be sure to join us, as you won’t find this kind of swing dance teaching anywhere around here!

Our second Jumpin’ Jive event will feature Balboa! This is a dance that evolved out of the crowded Ballrooms in Southern California. When the music got faster and the floors crowded, dancers would stay in closed position and eventually led to Southern Californians creating a new beloved dance in the Swing dance world! Come learn it with us in Greenville! Check out some old time Balboa dancers here:


Saturday Schedule:

4pm-6pm : 2 one hour classes. There is a separate track for beginners and intermediates!

Beginner: You’ve never danced Balboa before and you need someone to teach you the basics?? Have no fear! Our very own Samuel Maycock and Jennifer Arth will have you dancing in no time flat! They’ll go over the basics of Pure Balboa and a little bit of Bal-Swing so you too can get out on the floor when the songs get fast!

Intermediate: You’ve danced some Balboa before and you want to learn something more! Cari Westbrook from Atlanta will be joining our very own Will Brown to teach some Bal-Swing. Topics will include Toss-Outs, Lollies, and sweet turns in Balboa! Soon you’ll be the envy of all of the other Bal dancers you know (we hope).

6pm-8pm: We’ll all walk downtown to grab some dinner together in groups!

8pm-10pm: Dj’d Dance at the Sears Shelter Cabin, included in the workshop price! $5 if you don’t take the workshop.



These workshops require a working level knowledge of basic swing dancing skills like triple steps, swingouts, and basic knowledge of some Charleston. If you aren’t comfortable with these concepts we would love to welcome you to our $5 beginner and intermediate lessons every Thursday night at Mcpherson Park!


Out of Town Housing is available upon request.
Pre-registration is closed.
Registration at the door will be $25.