Brad Nathanson

Brad had been dancing for over a decade before he began DJing for swing and blues dances around his hometown of Charlotte, NC (USA). Over the years he has DJed at major blues and lindy hop dance events including The Canadian Swing Dance Championships (Montreal), Frim Fram Jam (NYC), Powerhouse Blues (Philadelphia), Bambloozed and Jam Cellar (Washington, DC), and at events in almost every major city in the southeast. Brad’s music embodies the joy of dancing that inspires him, and he is known for throwing in creative versions of songs into his sets. GVLX is one of Brad’s favorite events of the year because of all the fun dancers that come to it. This will be Brad’s 5th time DJing at GVLX and 7th time attending it.

Elizabeth Glavin

Elizabeth stumbled across her first Lindy Hop lesson/dance in 2013, and has been hooked ever since. Outside of the Lindy Hop world, she’s a vocalist pursuing a degree in Music Education- so it didn’t take long before she was also diving headfirst into the wonderful world of early jazz music. Since 2015, she’s been DJing for swing dancers all over the Southeast!

Elizabeth’s DJing is always a bit of a benevolent power trip, so be prepared- you may experience strong involuntary urges to dance, increased amounts of laughter, and excessive joy. Tight small group swing, New-Orleans-style polyphony, Duke Ellington, “talking” horns, a good scat solo, and a swinging trombone; these are a few of her favorite things. Expect fairly diverse sets spanning several styles of early jazz, and come get nerdy with her about jazz history if you really want to make her night! Also keep an ear out for a little bit of homage to her background in classical music.
(In the event that you have a special song request, she can probably be bribed with coffee or pictures of really cute dogs.)”

David Barry

Since coming to the Southeast in 2015, Dave has become one of the more sought after and innovative DJs in the region. In the booth his sets to have “oomph”— starting with 30’s era swing and ending with a groovy twist. This usually means a hefty amount of Johnny Hodges, Billie Holiday, Basie’s Decca years and an impressive variety of rare and lesser known artists that Dave finds through his other side hustle, The Jazz Garden. Back home, Dave is a scene leader from Richmond, VA where he organizes his other other side hustles, The Jazz Den and Jammin’ on the James and has serious opinions about his fantasy Big Band lineup.

Robert Barbier

Robert has DJ’ed since 2007 when he helped start his college’s swing dance club. He has DJ’ed all over the southeast at events large and small. His goal is simple: get people out of their seats and on the dance floor. He enjoys sharing his love of exuberant rhythms, swinging music, and playful songs, all while paying close attention to what people are in the mood for.

Tim Korkuc

Introducing our Modern Room DJ…Tim Korkuc! He has been coming to GVLX since it was GI JIVE… he even claims he probably still has a shirt somewhere! He’s been DJing swing for 10 years and “Modern” music for over 8 years and has been making people shake their booties ever since.

“Greenville is always a good time, a great party, and I’m going to do my absolute best to keep it that way!”

You’re not gonna wanna miss the energy that Tim brings to the dance floor every time he DJs!

Kevin Kim

Kevin got into DJing because he loves exploring, collecting, and sharing music. If the song makes him move, he thinks it’ll move you too. He started DJing in his home scene of Atlanta in 2013. Over time, he’s had the privilege of being invited to DJ at dance events across the South East and Midwest, pushing the play button on blues, swing, and soul sets. You can usually find him on the DJ rotation in Atlanta for Hot Jam, and Terminus Blues.

Aliceann Talley

Aliceann has been playing music since she was 6 and partner dancing since she was since she was 9.  Swing and blues music speak to her both on and off the dance floor.  Believing the music is what drives these dances, she continues to dive into the history of vintage jazz and blues and collect new music that inspires dancers to move.
Aliceann dances and DJs both in her home scene of Knoxville and at events across the Southeast and Midwest.  Also in Knoxville, she coaches and choreographs for 2 dance teams, coordinates the blues scene, teaches and DJs for the Knoxville Swing Dance Association, and hosts other dance events around town.